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At DFC, we strive to build an inclusive community that upholds our Islamic values of “Ilm” (beneficial knowledge), “Qist” (equity), “Adl” (justice), “Sadaqah” (voluntary charity), and “Ihsan” (pure sincerity and grace).. We provide essential resources and services to support the well-being and prosperity of Muslims and all members of our community. Our partnerships with organizations such as VEAP, Sakan Community Resources, Miftaah Institute, Human Development Fund and Islamic University of Minnesota helps us to broaden our reach and provide a more comprehensive range of services. As a member of the Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH, we advocate for policies that promote justice and equity for Muslims. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for Muslims In Minnesota.

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Somali, Arabic and English


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Arabic, Islamic Studies

Religious Leaders

Shaykh Waleed Edrees al-Meneese

Shaykh Waleed Edrees al-Meneese is the chairman, resident scholar, and Imam of Dar Al Farooq Center, as well as a world-renowned scholar, author, and expert in Islamic sciences, including the modes of Qur’anic recitation (Qirā’āt) and Ḥanbalī jurisprudence. As president and chancellor of the Islamic University of Minnesota and Islamic University of Kenya, he oversees branches worldwide.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Shaykh Waleed began his Islamic studies at eleven and memorized the Qur’an by fourteen. His education includes studying under prominent scholars in Alexandria and Riyadh and mastering the fourteen modes of Qur’anic reading. He holds high-profile Ijāzahs and has taught since 1991, granting Ijāzah to numerous Imāms and scholars.

Shaykh Waleed has written over a hundred works and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic, a Master’s degree in Islamic jurisprudence (summa cum laude), and a PhD in Islamic jurisprudence. His writings cover a wide range of topics, including commentaries on poems, Islamic jurisprudence, chemistry, and more, published through various channels, including the Islamic University of Minnesota Publications.

Sh. Waleed
Sh Abdirahman Kariye

Shaykh Abdirahman Kariye

Shaykh Abdirahman Kariye is the Imam of Dar Al Farooq Center, as well as the English khateeb for the center. He is also an Imam, humanitarian, and educator. Abdirahman has a B.A in Education from Highline College and an Islamic degree in Sharia from Al-Azhar University, and he is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the Islamic University of Minnesota. He serves as Country Director for Helping Hand for Relief and Development, an international NGO, and holds the role of Imam/Community Engagement at Dar Al Farooq Center.

Shaykh Dr. Tarek Awadallah

Shaykh Dr. Tarek Awadallah is the resident scholar and Imam of Dar Al Farooq Center. He holds a PhD in Hadith and its Science from the Islamic University of Minnesota, USA, and has been teaching language, jurisprudence, Hadith, and other related Sciences for thirty years. Among his eminent teachers are figures like Sheikh Muhammad Jamil Ghazi. Dr. Awadallah’s special focus is on Hadith and its Sciences, and he has been a prominent lecturer and TV host on Al-Majd Scientific Channel. He has also published various books and received recommendations from well-respected Sheikhs.

Shaykh Dr. Tarek Awadallah
Shaykh Saciid Shire

Shaykh Saciid Shire

Shaykh Saciid Shire is the Director of Education and also a dynamic Islamic speaker. Shaykh Saciid was Born in Somalia, he draws from both his heritage and the cultural melting pot of America that shaped him. His exploration journey led him to the prestigious halls of Al Azhar in Egypt, where he immersed himself deeply in the well of Islamic scholarship.

Following his graduation from Al Azhar, Saciid returned to the United States to continue his educational journey. Here, he had the privilege of learning from world-renowned scholars such as Sheikh Waleed Meneese, Sheikh Tarek Awadallah, and Sheikh Abdirahman Bashiir.

Currently, Saciid Shire holds the esteemed position of being the head of the Educational program at Al Jazari Institute in Minnesota. His unwavering commitment to disseminating the teachings of Islam fuels his ability to ignite minds and touch hearts through his profound insights and inspirational talks. With a unique blend of cultural experiences enriching his messages, he stands as a true luminary in the realm of Islamic discourse.

Sheikh Hassan Dhooye

Sheikh Hassan Mohamed Jama, also known as Sheikh Hassan Dhooye, is a prominent figure in the Islamic community and the non-profit sector in the United States. With a career spanning several decades, he has made significant contributions, particularly in key Muslim organizations. He has served as the Executive Director of the Islamic Association of North America (IANA), a board member of the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), He is the Imam at Dar Al Farooq in Minnesota, a director of Iconic Consulting Services, and the HDF Director of Resource Development. Sheikh Hassan is recognized for his commitment to promoting Islamic values and engaging in initiatives to benefit the Muslim community and society. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies and certificates in leadership and professional fundraising, underscoring his expertise in Islamic principles, leadership, and philanthropy. His biography reflects his influence as a leader, public speaker, scholar, and dedicated servant to the humanities.

Sh. Hassan Dhooye