Al Jazari Institute Online

Al Jazari Institute Online is an interactive technology-based Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies program with over 20 different courses available. Al Jazari Institute Online uses IQ Quran’s innovative software, powerful social features, and integrated Gamification, making learning both engaging and fun. The program is designed to self-motivate kids into taking ownership of their own learning journey. Children work through each step of their course independently while being gently guided by the IQ Quran software that tracks their progress while rewarding points and badges. We are the #1 technology-based Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies program in the USA with support from leading educational organizations and Sheikh Yusuf Estes’ Guide US TV. Kids spend an average of 7 hours a day with their technological devices. Instead of wasting this time, let’s make screen time = deen time. If you’re interested in signing up for Al Jazari Institute Online, please email us at