Al Jazari Institute

Al Jazari Institute, Dar Al Farooq’s seminary program, was founded in response to the growing need for Islamic education in America. It is now more important than ever that Muslims, particularly our English-speaking adults and youth, have a fundamental understanding of Islam to remain firm in their faith. As Muslims we must equip ourselves with a deep understanding of the Quran and provide them correct knowledge of mainstream Islam to engage in society without compromising their Islamic principles and values. The objective of the ARabic program is as follows: to increase student’s competency in all four modalities of language development; reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening, while at the same time incorporating various aspects of Arab culture. The textbook used in the program covers topics related to Islamic studies and equips students with the necessary vocabulary to discuss contemporary issues. We provide 4 programs through Al Jazari: Our adult Ma’ad, tafid, sisters, and dugsi programs. Here at Al-Jazari Institute, we will provide you with clear guidelines, mentoring, and a tight-knit peer learning environment to energize and support you as you take your first steps in your journey to master the Arabic language. If you are interested in signing up for classes with Al Jazari Institute, fill out the contact form below with your name, age, email, phone number, address, and which class you’re interested in attending.